OPJ - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

"Argh, I won't bother with you!" Ace shouted with as he clenched his fists, "Either way, I'll set sail for the sea and keep winning all the time! Even if my name becomes a synonym for terror in people's ears, I will become the Pirate King and make everyone notice me! When that happens don't blame me for laughing at you, Sabo"!

"Then why do you still want to be a pirate?", Saitama glanced at  Ace and said slowly, "If you want others to notice you, shouldn't you aim to become a hero in the first place?" Heroes need to work very hard to gain any recognition, but pirates, on the contrary, just need to make people fear them. It seems you lack confidence Ace."

The conversation eventually ended on a bad note with Ace saying, "You don't understand anything at all."

Luffy chased after Ace, Garp who felt a little uneasy, silently followed them.
As for Sabo...
"Please accept me as your apprentice, Teacher!"
Saitama who was lying on the floor while reading a newspaper suddenly noticed a little boy's head pop out from behind the newspaper which shocked him greatly.

After he recognized the boy as Sabo, Saitama sighed helplessly, "That sounds like too much trouble, I will have to refuse."
"That is a shame!"
Sabo's small face was filled with disappointment, "I am very diligent, if you were to teach me, I would not let you down!"

(It's precisely because I'm too diligent that I don't want to accept you as my apprentice. One Genos is more than enough...)
Not happening! Saitama firmly refused as he picked up his newspaper and went into the toilet, closing the door behind him to read slowly in peace.

After about ten minutes, he suddenly noticed a small head with a hat hanging from the ceiling...
"Teacher, Please accept me as your apprentice!"
"No way!"
Saitama's mouth twitched as he said, "Also, why didn't your hat fall off with you hanging upside down on the ceiling?"
The next morning, Before Dawn.
As Saitama was sleeping on the bed, a small figure crept into his room and sat down beside him on the bed. He whispered in Saitama's ear, "Teacher, please accept me as your apprentice.."

Blue veins started to protrude out of his forehead as he sat up and looked at the stubborn little boy with a headache.
"Say Sabo.", Saitama scratched his head as he asked, "How old are you this year?"

Sabo was stunned by the sudden question as he said, "Ten... I'm ten years old.
"Such a strong awareness at such a young age...", Saitama sighed as he refreshed himself. "I was 22 when I wanted to be stronger... There's no other way since you really wish to know then I will tell you, but it will be very difficult, you're still small will you be able to keep up with..."
Sabo was overjoyed. "Yes! I'm sure I can keep up! Teacher!"

"Then listen carefully, Sabo. It took me around three years to become as strong as I am today. Saitama took a deep breath as he said earnestly, You will have to do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 kilometers of long-distance running. Every single day without slacking off!"

"Huh?", Sabo was confused, he even thought that his ears might be having problems? 

"Of course, You cannot slack off on eating three meals a day! Whether it be summer or winter, to discipline yourself you will not be allowed to turn on the air conditioner either!"
Saitama didn't even notice that Sabo wanted to say something and said, "In the beginning, I felt like I was dying painfully, I thought that even a day's rest would be good, but for the sake of becoming a powerful hero, I kept working hard every day even when I was tired to the point of vomiting blood!" 
"Even if my feet felt like lead or my bones started making strange noises, I ground my teeth and kept going!, A year and a half later, I became bald and gained strength."

"That's it....?"
Sabo, mused with his hand on his chin, "If we just take the intensity of the workout in mind, my daily sparring practice with Ace has gone beyond this regime... Why didn't we become as strong as Teacher, Is it because we didn't get bald? I had assumed that it might have been the Devil's Fruit or something similar that was the reason for Teacher's power and baldness... "

"You are wrong!", After reading the newspapers for so many days, Saitama was certainly aware of what the Devil's Fruits were. He pressed his hand on his chest and said righteously, "No matter how the human body transforms with the Devil's fruits, it is absolutely impossible to reach my present strength!" Changing by your own strength, that is the strength of human beings! Sabo!"

"Yes, teacher!" Sabo stood up from the floor and said, "I'll use this method to get stronger!" I will definitely become as strong as Teacher! Even if I become bald...", He immediately opened a window and jumped out.

As he listened to the "One, Two, Three..." sounds downstairs. Saitama breathed a sigh of relief and lay back in bed. Ah... I finally got rid of him. Genos is a cyborg, as such, he won't be able to get stronger through any physical exercise, but this kid is different... Hopefully, my method will work for him.
Three days went by in this way.
Saitama set sail on Garp's ship and left, On the day of his departure, Sabo stood by the dock and waved goodbye to Saitama. Makino also prepared a lot of luggage and food for Saitama.

On the roof of the Bandits den sat Ace who looked out towards the sea, his thoughts a mystery, Suddenly a shout from Luffy could be heard from downstairs, "Ace! Let's be friends!!"

No one knows what fate has in store for them in the future.
But today,
A bald person with earth-shattering strength had set sail for the Grand Line!
The warship braved the wind and waves and kept moving through the sea. Its destination, The Marine Headquarters "Marineford".
Through Garp's introduction and after going through many marine resource books, Saitama once again refreshed his understanding of the world.
The Red Line divides the world into two parts. The first half of the world is ruled by the World government who have the duty to capture and bring judgment upon pirates. The second consists of pirates, A group of four pirates named the Four Emperors rule over this side and control the vast territory. The pirates here only have the choice of joining them or getting destroyed.

"The Marines and the World government are not as pure as they used to be...", Saitama and Garp leaned against the railings on the deck as they talked, "After the death of Roger numerous pirates went out to the sea to kill and plunder people, spreading panic and chaos all over the world... As the pressure on the Marines increased, justice had to take the middle seat. 
Henceforth, the abnormal and abhorrent body of people called the Seven Warlords of the Sea were created... "

"Ah, Saitama looked up at the sky with empty eyes as he said, the Hero Association also wanted to recruit some wanted criminals to deal with the monsters..."
"Although if the World government finds their crimes to be too serious, They will also be suppressed but as such justice has still been compromised..."
Garp stared at Saitama as if he could look past his body and directly into his soul, "I'm not sure why, but since the first time that I had seen you, I was sure that you would be the key to changing this situation... Your righteousness and your strength are the world's most precious treasures in these desperate times!"