OPJ - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The news that Saitama was about to join the Marines soon spread throughout the bandit hideout. The response among the people after hearing this news greatly varied, Dadan, who knew that he was invited by Garp personally, took advantage of the time when Saitama went out for a walk and secretly went to visit Garp.

"Hello, Garp-san.." Dadan, who took care of the three naughty children given by Garp, asked furtively, "Regarding that guy called Saitama... I admit that he looks strong, but we have only known him for a few days at best. What if he is a spy sent by the pirates to lurk among the Marines?"

Kapp was stunned, "Ah? How come a bandit like you is thinking about the issues of the Marines?"

Dadan, with a cigarette in her mouth, sighed with worry, "He lived with us for a few days, after all, If it comes to light later that he has an issue, maybe I would be implicated with him."

Garp put his hands on his chest with a confident smile on his face and said, "It is indeed possible that he stopped Ace and Sabo from eating for free and running away on purpose in an attempt to get close to me, but fixing a door that was broken by someone else is something that by no vicious villain would do, especially when he is so strong..."

Dadan wanted to say something, but she was cut short by Garp immediately, "Righteous people, no matter where they live are as dazzling as the sun, this old man cannot be deceived!"
Suddenly Garp pointed his finger in the distance, "Look, that guy has returned!"

Dadan subconsciously turned her head in the direction of Garp's finger, There she saw a shiny head reflecting a dazzling light from the sun. 
Dadan opened her mouth in shock and said, "Ah! Garp-san, that guy... Really is as dazzling as the sun!"

Garp laughed proudly, "Ha ha ha... Didn't I tell say that I was not mistaken?"

Saitama greeted Garp from afar, "Oh, It's Garp-san."
Garp nodded as if he was admiring a stellar junior, "Welcome back, Private!"

While looking at Saitama's figure which was getting closer and closer, Garp was reminded of his son, Dragon... The smile on his face gradually disappeared and he let out a sad sigh.
"Really. That boy should have joined the Marines... There is also Luffy who has been attracted to the evil path by Shanks, This problem must be rectified in a timely manner before it is too late!"


After returning to the mountain bandit's hideout Saitama was preparing to enter his room when suddenly two small figures blocked his way. It was Sabo and Ace, Luffy who was behind them hurriedly caught up and stood beside the two while staring at Saitama.

Saitama was confused and asked while scratching his chin, "What are you guys doing?"
"Are you really going to join the Marines? 
Ace spat on the ground in anger with his eyes filled with disdain, "I despise you for being the lapdog of the World government!"

Sabo was also confused, "You possess such great strength, Why do you not choose to go to the sea to pursue freedom"?

Luffy also gave his opinion from the side, "Why not become a pirate?"

"A Pirate...", Saitama said with his head tilted, "I read a lot of newspapers during these days and came to know that the commoners in this world are facing the threat of Pirates every day, while the Marines are righteous and are stationed around the four seas, protecting innocent people's lives and possessions..."

"That is all fabrication!" Ace stepped back in dissatisfaction while waving his hands, "Pirates are warriors of the sea, not bound by anyone or anything and are recognized by the world as true men!"

Luffy who was standing next to him was quick to applaud him, "Nicely done, Ace!"

It was a shame that the three of them failed to notice that behind them an old man was rolling his sleeves and getting ready to give them a beating.


"But why do you have to be a pirate?", asked Saitama.
Ace was shocked, "What do you mean?"
Saitama asked again, "Why do you have to be a pirate, to become a man?"
"Do you still need to be explained the reason?",
Ace boldly shouted, "Of course it is because the sea is a man's romance, and the pirates are free from everything as unrestrained sea warriors!" 

"Oh, Yeah..", Saitama thought for a moment and then said, 

"Actually... I have seen people with thoughts like yours, This world is after all very similar to mine, It is strange that people think that they can do whatever they want under the guise of "freedom". The Hero Association is desperately fighting against such people every day for the sake of protecting people, Although there are some people who do not conform to the role of heroes, but there are still countless real heroes who sacrifice their lives for the sake of justice."

Ace was furious, "What are you talking about!? Are you saying that we are not working for the sake of freedom?"

"Self-proclaimed Pirates and Self-proclaimed Villians are the same."
 Saitama thought of the guy who hunted heroes and claimed to be correct, "Although he did some good things, It was undeniable that he caused obstruction and harm to heroes." "In fact, you two were like that as well when we first met, you didn't pay for your food in the name of freedom but to those who suffered because of you should they have resigned to their fate?"

"I do not deny that you guys are not that bad,"  
Saitama at the two children intently and slowly said, "But a lot of things in life are wrong, no matter what you are pursuing in life, It does not give you the right or a reason to hurt others."

Garp's eyes were immediately brightened, "Well said, Private!"

While Ace had covered his ears and refused to listen, Luffy beside him was confused and blinked his eyes with a dumb look on his face, not knowing what to do. But Sabo, who stood next to them had a flash of enlightenment and gradually widened his eyes.

"Yes... That's right!",
Sabo's young mind continued to flow like a river, "I hate this ruthless country, but those who live peacefully in the kingdom are innocent, The thing that I wish to destroy is the ignorance and greed imprinted in the bones of the aristocrats, they rule the world with indifference towards their subjects... No matter how many pranks we play on people the end result cannot change anything, This is not the kind of freedom I seek, What I seek is the strength that provides everyone to have the freedom to control their own destiny!"

Sabo suddenly stood up, his small face shone with resolve, "Thank you for your guidance! But to pursue that kind of freedom, I'm not strong enough... Not strong enough at all! Please take me in as your disciple and teach me how to become a strong person like you, teacher!"

"Sabo, you..?"
 Ace looked at Sabo and experienced a feeling of betrayal, He asked in anger, "Didn't you want to go out to the sea? We had already agreed... "

"I will still go out to the sea!" 
Sabo's small face was full of seriousness and his eyes filled with determination, "But not as a pirate, I want to change the world in such a way that everyone can pursue their own freedom!"